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Reservation & Cancellation Policy

A great deal of planning goes into our events to ensure that each member and guest has the best possible experience. To achieve this goal, the Dartmouth Club of Chicago (DCC) requires a reservation in advance. An inaccurate headcount impacts not only the cost of the event, but also the amount of food prepared, the setup of the room, and many other important details. Making your reservation in advance is a courtesy to the planners and to your fellow alumni.

Please place reservations, and purchase tickets, on or before the recommended RSVP deadline. Any reservation made, and/or payment received, after the recommended RSVP deadline will be assessed a $10 administrative fee. Cancellations can be made by editing an online reservation, or by email at

Any member or guest who RSVPs, and then fails to attend, will still be responsible for the price of the ticket(s). We hope everyone will agree that paying for no-shows is not the way to spend the Club’s dollars.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation, and for your support of the Dartmouth Club of Chicago.
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